The Defiprime Post #23: Your Weekly DeFi News in Bite-Sized Fashion

William M. Peaster on 28 Dec 2020

Welcome to the 23rd issue of The Defiprime Post, a quick weekly primer covering the biggest developments around Ethereum and DeFi. This week’s issue covers events between December 20th and December 27th, 2020.

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🔥 The DeFi Bulletin

  • Cryptocurrency hardware wallet company Ledger said it won’t reimburse users in the wake of a massive privacy leak around its customer base.
  • Nexus Mutual founder Hugh Karp published a post-mortem report on the exploit an attacker recently used to manipulate Karp into signing a malicious transaction. The founder’s wallet was drained of 370,000 NXM at the time.
  • The SEC is suing Ripple, alleging the firm has sold XRP for years as an unregistered security under U.S. federal law.
  • Yam Finance and UMA Protocol introduced uGAS, a synthetic gas futures token that lets users speculate on Ethereum gas prices.
  • Decrypt published an awesome “2020 Year in Review: DeFi” article this week.
  • Decentralized derivatives project Opium Protocol released a token economics report on its $OPIUM governance token.
  • In a new Deribit Insights write-up, Hasu said he now thinks of governance tokens “as a necessity and an important incentive mechanism.”
  • DIY flash loan protocol Furucombo is launching a COMBO governance token.
  • pNetwork, a project focused on cross-chain interoperability, is launching its pNetwork Dawn upgrade.
  • PieDAO is launching the Yearn Ecosystem PieVault, or YPIE.
  • Check out defiprime’s interview with dHEDGE’s Henrik Andersson and how the rising decentralized asset management protocol is aimed at democratizing investing.
  • While you’re at it, be sure to check out our DeFi predictions for 2021, too.
  • Ether was the king in 2020 …

💱 DEX Report

💵 State of the Stablecoins

  • Heard about the algorithmic stablecoin project Empty Set Dollar but don’t know where to start? Here’s an excellent YouTube guide on ESD staking that you won’t want to miss.
  • The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets called for additional regulatory safeguards around stablecoin issuers in the U.S. For more context, check out Haseeb Qureshi’s excellent new write-up on the STABLE Act.
  • Stablecoin transaction volume exploded in 2020 …

💎 NFT News

Thanks for reading, and be sure to catch the 24th issue of The Defiprime Post out this time next week! 👋♦️👋

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