Solana Airdrops

Our approach is no bullshit airdrops on Solana. We don't waste our own time and don't want to waste yours. We list only high-quality Solana ecosystem projects where tokens make sense and meaningful airdrops are highly likely.

Proejct Category Venture Funding URL Twitter What to do?
Jupiter DEX NA from NA @jupiterExchange

Trade to qualify

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Marinade Finance Liquid Staking ~ from ~ @MarinadeFinance

Stake $SOL to earn $MNDE tokens

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Parcl Protocol Synthetic Derivatives Exchange $4.1M from Archetype, Dragonfly Capital, ParaFi, Shima Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, Slow Ventures @parcl

Points system. Provide liquidity, trade and refer new users.

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Phantom Wallet $118M from a16z, Paradigm, Variant, Solana Ventures, DeFi Alliance, Robert Leshner @phantom

Create wallet and interact with dApps.

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Solana Mobile Web3 Smartphone $4.5M from Solana Ventures @solanamobile

Pre-order Chapter 2 Smartphone

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Wormhole Crosschain Bridge $225M from Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Jump Trading, Brevan Howard, Parafi, Dialectic, Borderless, Arrington Capital @wormholecrypto

Use bridge to transfer assets crosschain

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