Crypto Airdrops

Our approach is simple and straightforward; we don't list any bogus airdrops that waste your time or ours. We only feature high-quality Ethereum and L2 ecosystem projects where tokens are relevant, and meaningful airdrops are highly probable.

Project Category Venture Funding URL Twitter What to do?
BOB Fusion Hybrid L2 $10M from Mechanism Capital, CMS, Bankless Ventures, IOSG @build_on_bob

Points system, deposit tokens to earn Spice

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debridge Bridge $5,5M from ParaFi, Animoca Brands, Huobi Ventures, Lemniscap, Capital, MGNR, IOSG @deBridgeFinance

Points system, use bridge to earn

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Elixir Modular DPoS Network $9.6M from Hack VC, FalconX, Commonwealth, Chapter One, Ava Labs, Arthur Hayes @elixir

Points system, deposit tokens to earn ‘Potions’

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Ethena Bonds/Stablecoins $20M from Dragonfly, Arthur Hayes, Bybit, OKX, Deribit, Gemini @ethena_labs

Farming Sats(points) System

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Farcaster Decentralized Social Network $30M from a16z, Standard Crypto, 1confirmation, Scalar Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Offline Ventures, Archetype, Canonical Crypto, Balaji Srinivsasan @farcaster_xyz

Create account and keep it active

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Grass Layer 2 Data Rollup $8M from Polychain Capital, Tribe Capital, No Limit Holdings, Bitscale @getgrass_io

Points system. Run Grass Chrome Extension to earn points.

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Karak Restaking $48M from LightSpeed, Framework, Pantera, Coinbase and DCG @Karak_Network

Points system, deposit ETH or tokens to earn points and Karak XP

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Napier Finance Yield trading markets NA from NA @NapierFinance

Quests + deposit to earn points

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Zircuit Layer 2 $NA from NA @ZircuitL2

Points System. Stake ETH to earn Staking APR + Restaking APR + Eigenlayer Points + LRT points + Zircuit Points

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