Nick Sawinyh on 01 Apr 2019

DeFiprime.com is a media outlet and analytical services provider for the DeFi community. Its mandate is to inform, educate, and connect the community as the definitive source of news dedicated to decentralized finance space.

Product Listing 101: definition of “the best DeFi Product”

We are a curated list of DeFi products, not aiming to list every existing product, but only the best ones. The product listing could be a subjective process, and not a substitute for professional advice and independent verification.

  • Is this a product interesting to the people outside of its own bagholders community?
  • Is it a live product functioning on mainnet(not coming soon, not testnet, not “please take a look at our whitepaper”)?
  • Visible product traction(not empty marketplace, not empty order book, etc).
  • Decentralized or open-sourced frontend in case you want to play with geofences. Label ‘Region is not supported’ is a spit in the face of DeFi. Check our recent twitter-poll with community sentiment on this matter.
  • No crypto tribalism and bias. Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin and the rest of blockchains are equal as long as a DeFi product built on top of it is useful.
  • Lastly: no, you can’t buy a listing on Defiprime, don’t waste your time.

So to reiterate, we’ll give you two examples below.

Bad pitch for listing at DeFiprime:

  • “We are going to change the world with our super-duper AI-based smart contract platform, here is our whitepaper. We have 50,000 people at our Telegram group! We also struck a deal of the century with a big brand(but no one has heard about this brand anyway, and it’s not related to Finance or Blockchain). Still working on our product launch, but you can play with this thing on testnet.”

Good pitch for listing at DeFiprime:

  • “We launched on mainnet three months ago, after two respectable auditors independently audited our smart contracts. Since our launch, we achieved this and that milestones, and XXXX users using our app regularly. We also integrated with a few well known DeFi protocols.”

If you’d like to submit your project, please fill this product listing form.

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COI Disclosure

This site runs independently. However, for the sake of transparency, and to avoid any possible future accusation of conflict of interests or unethical conduct, I should state that:

  • I’m ex-head of marketing at bZx, left the company on September 30, 2020.
  • I’m co-founder of DexGuru.
  • I hold ETH, and small amounts(less than $10k) of other ERC20 tokens and stablecoins.
About the author
Nick Sawinyh
Nick Sawinyh is a crypto entrepreneur based in LA. He founded DeFiprime in 2019 to offer information on emerging DeFi ecosystem. He owns small amounts of different cryptocurrencies.