What is this?

I’ve been researching DeFi ecosystem for several weeks, and can’t find a good list of actually working products without gimmicks and bullshit. That’s why I decided to create this site featuring best DeFI products.

Definition of ‘the best DeFi Products’

  • Are you feel comfortable to recommend this product to your IRL friends?
  • Working product on the mainnet (Not coming soon, Not testnet)
  • Visible product traction (Not empty marketplace, Not empty order book)
  • Decentralized first. Label ‘Region is not supported’ it’s a spit in the face of DeFi.
  • No crypto tribalism and bias. Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin and all others are equal as long as DeFi product built on top is useful.


If you’d like to submit your project, feel free to ping me at Twitter, open an issue at Github or create a PR.