The Defiprime Post #35: Your Weekly DeFi News in Bite-Sized Fashion

Nick Sawinyh on 29 Mar 2021

Welcome to the 35th issue of The Defiprime Post, a quick weekly primer covering the biggest developments around Ethereum and DeFi. This week’s issue covers events between March 21st and March 28th, 2021.

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🔥 The DeFi Bulletin

💱 DEX Report

  • Opium Network is one of the first adopters of pNetwork’s new bridge for BSC, announcing staking $OPIUM on the BSC version of 1inch, a DEX aggregator.
  • The Defi DEX exchange SushiSwap is facing a dilemma in unlocking $880M in tokens.

💵 State of the Stablecoins

💎 NFT News

Thanks for reading, and be sure to catch the 36th issue of The Defiprime Post out this time next week! 👋♦️👋

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Nick Sawinyh is an LA-based crypto entrepreneur. After having spent over four years in the blockchain industry, Nick founded DeFiprime in 2019, with the idea to provide information about emerging DeFi ecosystem. He owns modest amounts of various cryptocurrencies.

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