Interview with Nicola Di Marco, Founder & Designer from DexWallet

Nick Sawinyh on 08 May 2019

Today we talking with Nicola Di Marco from DexWallet about building mobile wallet for the decentralized finance.

Hello! What’s your background, and what are you working on?

Nicola Di Marco Founder & Designer from DexWallet here. We are on a mission to build the most advanced mobile wallet for the decentralized finance with integrated borrowing, lending, exchange, and native in-wallet Staking for everyone.

With a strong focus on UX and a handpicked selection of the best protocols, we are making passive income strategies built on staking and lending truly available at a fingertip for our customers.

Thanks to deep integration, users can access the best DeFi apps on our Store without the need of a browser and without ever leaving the wallet.

What’s DexWallet backstory?

We want to empower all people in the world with a fairer, more inclusive and more independent financial system.

To do so, we believe we need to give access to everyone to the best financial tools and services on the decentralized space.

As a designer and user of DeFi and crypto in general, I often found myself lost in overcomplicated user experience and obscure concepts and the need for designing better products came spontaneously.

With Alessio, the CEO and tech leader of this project, we already have long experience of building products together so everything came natural and we started to build the team and a first prototype from there.

The wallet is the first iteration and the core product granting access to what we always believed will be a one-stop solution for the financial life of consumer users as well as merchants and professionals of various kind.

What went into building the DexWallet?

As product people, and with previous experience working together, we jumped immediately into developing the wallet as we always considered it as the core access point for a whole ecosystem of financial products. Despite the expected friction due to working on new tech and tools, we have always been able to ship consistently new features and improve the experience for our users.

The wallet is mainly built using React Native, production in live for iOS with future plan for Android as well.

As part of the ecosystem we also released two more products, currently beta: Sell more by accepting DAI, ETH and many other cryptos. A web dashboard to keep track of all your DeFi activity and asset at once.

What’s your business model?

We’re planning to launch an even more feature-rich performing paid-subscription version of Dexwallet we call “Dexwallet PRO”

The focus will be on customers that need to manage their investment on DeFi and Staking protocols in a smarter way, directly from their mobile devices.

What’s your position on the regulatory landscape today?

I personally think it’s hard to predict what is going to happen in terms of regulations, not only concerning governments but also entities like i.e Apple that dictates the rules for publishing apps on their store. What will happen if they decide to forbid DeFi apps?

What are your goals for the future?

We want to empower all people in the world with a fairer, more inclusive and more independent financial system. We believe no-one should be left behind, regardless of age, gender, social status, beliefs or opinions. We imagine a future, in which each individual will have the economic freedom he/she deserves. A future with less worry and more financial control. To achieve this, we need to make our services 10 times more transparent, secure and easier in comparison to how they are today. We need our products to be a joy to use. We need to support our users in any language and channel. We need to educate a new generation of free citizens and empower them to exchange any form of value digitally. We believe in the values of blockchain and decentralization as the base for a more open and just society.

What are your future thoughts for the DeFi market?

It’s been awesome to be part of this revolution for the last couple of years and so many things happened in between! I’m sure this is just the beginning. What we are building has a tangible value already today and, contrary to what they say, I believe DeFi is already faster, easier and better than centralized traditional finance. In a few clicks, we can already offer investments with a 10x higher annual interest than your avg bank saving account.

Without you going to an office to show your passport or sign a contract, without locking time. This is hard to beat. We’re building better products. We are building fairer products. We are building awareness. The future is bright!

Where can we go to learn more?

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