The Defiprime Post #12: Your Weekly DeFi News in Bite-Sized Fashion

William M. Peaster on 12 Oct 2020

Welcome to the 12th issue of The Defiprime Post, a quick weekly primer covering the biggest developments around Ethereum and DeFi. This week’s issue covers events between October 4th and October 11th, 2020.

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🔥 The DeFi Bulletin

  • Ethereum wallet and dapp browser MetaMask reached the 1 million monthly active users (MAUs) mark. MetaMask also just launched an in-app token trading service.
  • Aragon and Balancer are teaming up to take the DeFi governance solution Snapshot to the next level.
  • Index Cooperative launched this week, a community-governed crypto index system.
  • Ethereum smart wallet Authereum V1 is now live!
  • The PieDAO group released the DeFi+L index, which tracks DeFi’s top assets.
  • Aave introduced Tinlake v3 and Revolving Pools, a system that will allow real-world assets (RWAs) to flourish within the Aave protocol.
  • Defiprime interviewed Yaniv Tal, the co-founder and project lead of The Graph indexing project.
  • Ethereum blockchain data project Covalent raised $3.1 million USD this week.
  • Robo-advisor project Rari Capital revealed the $RGT governance token.

💱 DEX Report

  • Meet CoFiX, a next-gen automated market maker (AMM).

💵 State of the Stablecoins

💎 NFT News

  • Gramming-winning DJ RAC collaborated on an NFT piece that broke the all-time SuperRare record.
  • Major British auction house Christie’s auctioned off its first NFT this week.
  • Rarible suspended Blue Kirby’s “Off-Blue” account after the anon raised funds through the marketplace and then deleted their social media presence.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to catch the 13th issue of The Defiprime Post out this time next week! 👋♦️👋

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William M. Peaster is a writer and curator of the DeFi Arts Intelligencer, a newsletter tracking Ethereum’s digital collectibles arena. He is not a financial advisor. The thoughts shared in this guest post are his opinions and reflect his personal experiences and personal optimism around Ethereum. He currently owns some cryptoart and ETH.

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