daVinci - NFT Marketplace Platform on Harmony

Nick Sawinyh on 22 Jun 2021

Bruno told us about a novel NFT marketplace platform on Harmony and the intersection of emerging creators/passion economy with DeFi solutions.

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Hello! What’s your background, and what are you working on?

My name is Bruno Marshall, I’m a musician, artist, mechanical engineer, and additive manufacturing expert in a well-known automotive company. Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and more than 60 patents to date. I started researching blockchain technology when I was working on a patent disclosure back in 2017.

daVinci is a non-fungible token marketplace platform on Harmony. The user can mint/create NFTs for art and music and sell/purchase NFTs with incredibly low fees, 2 seconds transactions speed, and environmentally friendly running on Harmony proof of stake mechanisms.

What’s daVinci backstory?

DaVinci is a community project born inside the Harmony ecosystem. We are “still day one”. We’ve launched a gallery and a marketplace. We are also running our first auction, with Hi Rez, a rapper with more than 2 million YouTube subscribers.

Our very active community started the project. We support them with tools, technical challenges, promotion, and every resource they might need, but no person owns DaVinci. We are community builders. We are thrilled to explore frontiers and limits. DaVinci is born under that same spirit.

Our goal is to grant access to art. We want our community to invest and support creativity. Also, we want to help artists navigate and nurture their careers in a fairway. NFTs are a key part of making them be in charge of their creations and distribution.

What went into building the daVinci?

We started this project at the beginning of 2021. Da Vinci is not finished yet. We are all startup people; that’s the way we build our projects. We are constantly improving.

DaVinci works on Harmony technology, which is widely accepted as one of the safest options in the blockchain ecosystem.

NFTs are now a common word. It wasn’t when we started. We wanted to empower creators. We want them to really be in control of their creativity and art.

Although there are some misconceptions, we think that this benefits the crypto scene and helps us democratize the access to invest in art.

We started lean but solid. We keep adding artists, designers (more than a thousand already) and polishing our UX. At the same time, we are adding strategic partners to gain traction and impact.

What’s your business model?

Transactions are made through our blockchain. It has a minimal cost: $0.000·001

Two years ago, when we started to build the Harmony Ecosystem, we realized we wanted to support artists and creators. NFTs are the best to do it. Our goal was to make it as easy, direct, and reliable as possible.

We prefer not to talk about our competitors. We are community builders. We listen and provide them with tools and a solid group of professionals to help them achieve their goals. There are several NFT marketplaces already, but daVinci isn’t competing with any platform, the goal is to be the bridge that brings them all together, and we have the best community in the NFT space.

What’s your position on the regulatory landscape today?

We see a very rapid growth related to NFT platforms. The NFTs are an emerging asset class that has captured the attention of artists, musicians, consumers, and investors but have outpaced the regulatory and legal framework. Somehow we see this happens when new technology and invention appear.

Our team’s focus is to be on the regulatory side, especially protecting artists’ intellectual property rights. In addition, we see that our platform needs robust controls against impersonators so that all artists and collectors feel confident using the davinci platform. Currently, there is no direct state regulatory guidance on NFTs.

What are your goals for the future?

The ultimate goal for daVinci.Gallery marketplace is to be 100% decentralized, with automatic curation, where artists and collectors are the key persons driving the platform further.

I can talk a little about our roadmap. For the short term, we will implement a local governance token VINCI, with a fascinating, unique concept similar to “Farming” for LP. This VINCI token will play a vital role for the DAO art curation. The breakthrough is that curation will be based on VINCI stake, and also ​voting/proposals will be implemented on daVinci platform.

What are your future thoughts for the DeFi market?

We can’t deny that DeFi is changing the finance paradigm, and the future will be very bright for sure. We find new DeFi startups, initiatives, and innovations almost every week. Announcements like El Salvador adopting bitcoin as an official currency are just game-changers. We don’t know if more countries will adopt this policy, but as a debate is super interesting.

The pillars of our current financial system are melting down under this new paradigm. Concepts like universal basic income are near to become a reality.

The emerging creators/passion economy will find the perfect solution in DeFi solutions.

Where can we go to learn more?


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