Grass Airdrop

Grass is a Layer 2 Data Rollup on Ethereum. Grass raised a total of $8M from prominent VCs such as: Polychain Capital, Tribe Capital, No Limit Holdings, Bitscale. Since Layer 2 Data Rollup is a category of web3 products where tokens actually make sense, and network effects do exist we highly suspect that eventually Grass will airdrop tokens to their community and users. What can you do to qualify for Grass Airdrop? We suggest at least: Points system. Run Grass Chrome Extension to earn points.

How to qualify for Grass Airdrop?

There is a list of actions that you can perform to improve your chances of getting Grass Airdrop:

Grass provides you with an opportunity to earn passive income by selling your unused bandwidth, while maintaining your privacy. Verified companies can use your idle bandwidth without accessing any of your personal information. All buyers are carefully examined and supervised to prevent any misuse or illegal activities. With Grass, only up to 0.3% of your bandwidth is utilized at any given time, and it does not affect your internet speed as it functions only when you are not using your full bandwidth.

  • Download Chrome Extension
  • Sign in into your Grass Account on the Extension
  • Keep it running in background to earn points