Ethena Airdrop

Ethena is a Bonds/Stablecoins on Ethereum. Ethena raised a total of $20M from prominent VCs such as: Dragonfly, Arthur Hayes, Bybit, OKX, Deribit, Gemini. Since Bonds/Stablecoins is a category of web3 products where tokens actually make sense, and network effects do exist we highly suspect that eventually Ethena will airdrop tokens to their community and users. What can you do to qualify for Ethena Airdrop? We suggest at least: Farming Sats(points) System

How to qualify for Ethena Airdrop?

There is a list of actions that you can perform to improve your chances of getting Ethena Airdrop:

All this actions quality for “Sats” (essentially points). Depends on lock capacity different actions could earn you up to 30x shards.

  • Provide liquidity and lock LP tokens
  • Lock USDe
  • Hold USDe YT or LP on Pendle
  • Hold sUSDe YT or LP on Pendle
  • Buy and hold USDe
  • Stake and hold sUSDe

At the time of writing TVL is ~$800M.