Elixir Airdrop

Elixir is a Modular DPoS Network on Ethereum. Elixir raised a total of $9.6M from prominent VCs such as: Hack VC, FalconX, Commonwealth, Chapter One, Ava Labs, Arthur Hayes. Since Modular DPoS Network is a category of web3 products where tokens actually make sense, and network effects do exist we highly suspect that eventually Elixir will airdrop tokens to their community and users. What can you do to qualify for Elixir Airdrop? We suggest at least: Points system, deposit tokens to earn 'Potions'

How to qualify for Elixir Airdrop?

There is a list of actions that you can perform to improve your chances of getting Elixir Airdrop:

  • Join using invite link
  • Connect Ethereum and/or Sui Wallet
  • Connect Twitter and Discord accounts
  • To unlock the Mystic Chest, supply at least $100 in USDC to any Elixir-powered product on an exchange, or deposit ETH to mint elxETH at mainnet to receive a 50% boost on the potions earned. All deposits into the network will accrue potions.
  • elxETH will be 1:1 collateralized by ETH and used to build up the orderbooks on DEXs powered by the Elixir Network. elxETH deposits earn a 50% potion boost and will not be withdrawable until the launch of Elixir’s mainnet in August.
  • You can supply USDC as well here
  • Additionaly you can run a testnet node