Kinto Airdrop

Kinto is a Sybil resistant L2 on Ethereum. Kinto raised a total of $5M from prominent VCs such as: Kyber Capital Crypto, Spartan Group, Parafi, SkyBridge Capital, Kraynos, Soft Holdings, Deep Ventures, Modular, Tane, Robot Ventures. Since Sybil resistant L2 is a category of web3 products where tokens actually make sense, and network effects do exist we highly suspect that eventually Kinto will airdrop tokens to their community and users. What can you do to qualify for Kinto Airdrop? We suggest at least: Points system, deposit tokens to earn

How to qualify for Kinto Airdrop?

There is a list of actions that you can perform to improve your chances of getting Kinto Airdrop:

Kinto is an L2 focused on providing safe access to financial services.

  • Join using invite link
  • Complete KYC and onboarding (Mint KintoID NFT and create a wallet)
  • Connect Ethereum wallets to maximize points
  • Deposit minimum of $1000